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Early Bird's Special
Sun Sep 23, 2018 11:28 pmKai
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Building the Basics
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Indara, Naosuke [WIP] Empty Indara, Naosuke [WIP]

on Mon Sep 24, 2018 2:48 pm
Indara, Naosuke [WIP] Akise.Aru.full.1409892
Indara, Naosuke [WIP] JXXjbbx
Name: Indara, Naosuke
Age: 16
Birthday December 22
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual
Status: Student, Shikestu High
Location: Fukuoka
Reputation: 0

Indara, Naosuke [WIP] 0rsqcnf
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 140 lbs
Skin Color: White
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: White
Mutations: None
General Appearance: (Describe your character's normal look. This should include things like body type, scars they may have, clothes they tend to wear, etc.)

Indara, Naosuke [WIP] Akise.Aru.full.890176
Indara, Naosuke [WIP] F0D365B305BE519755BF59D77FDDCB122AD6DE2A
Faceclaim: Aru Akise - Future Diary

Indara, Naosuke [WIP] 8UQCIzb
Personality: (Give a general description of what your character's personality is like, how they act, etc.)
Ambitions: (What are your character's goals in life? Where do they want to go?)
(Dis)Interests: (Just a few things your character may like, or Dislike, or even their hobbies. The general things that interest them, or the things they hate.
Fear(s): (What is your character scared of?) [You have to have at least one fear, or your application won't be approved]

Indara, Naosuke [WIP] 7ucJHTx
Total Trait Points: 5
Trait Points Used: 5

Name: Sprouting Wings
Trait Points: 3
Description: This trait changes the Fierce Wings quirk from a mutation quirk to a transformation quirk. THis means that Naosuke summons his wings at will, causing them to sprout from his back when he decides. Additionally, when he no longer needs the wings, they fall off of his back in a mass of feathers that blow away. Both the sprouting and the removal of his wings is painless and smooth, taking only an instant to accomplish.

Name: Seraphim
Trait Points: 2
Description: Rather than the usual 2 wings that this quirk manifests as, Naosuke has 6 wings. In the event that his wings are forcibly removed, Naosuke can still fly as long as he had at least 4 wings.

Indara, Naosuke [WIP] 9REckll
Name: Fierce Wings
Proof Of Roll: Creator
Description: This quirk, first and foremost, manifests as wings on the user's back. Hover, this quirk is not simply the ability to fly. This quirk allows the user to manipulate the feathers from his wings with their mind. The user can detach their feathers to perform individual tasks and reattach them afterwards. This Quirk also allows the user to fly and their feathers can each individually sense people and objects through sound and vibrations produced by them. The feathers can be both stiff and flexible. When they are stiff the feather can also be sharp on the edges. There are varying lengths of these feathers as well.

Naosuke's traits cause this quirk to manifest as a transformation rather than a mutation, allowing him to sprout his wings from his back and have them fall off of his back in a mass of feathers at will. This transformation is painless and smooth. Additionally, rather than the usual 2 wings that this quirk manifests as, Naosuke has 6 wings, three that grow to the left and three to the right.
Drawbacks: The more feathers the user detach from their body, the worse their flying capacity becomes, limiting their mobility if they happens to be in mid-air based on the following criteria. At half of the user's Limit Pool, the user's Speed stat while flying is reduced by -1 tier. At one quarter of their Limit Pool, it is reduced by an additional tier.
Limit Break: -5 Limit: The user can no longer fly at all and cannot use any techniques that relate to their wings and require maintenance

-10 Limit: The user's stamina drops by -2 tiers as their wings appear to be falling apart and can barely hold themselves together.

-20 Limit: The user's wings are no longer present, leaving them unable to perform any techniques. Additionally, the user's stamina is reduced by an additional tier.

Indara, Naosuke [WIP] ThP5t5z
Hometown: Fukuoka
History: (Describe your backstory; Must be at least 200 words)
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