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Early Bird's Special
Sun Sep 23, 2018 11:28 pmKai
With more and more …
Building the Basics
Sun Jul 29, 2018 2:28 amKai
Welcome Everyone to …

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Entrance Exams or Automatic Entrance

4 - 80%
1 - 20%
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Building the Basics Empty Building the Basics

on Sun Jul 29, 2018 2:28 am
Welcome Everyone to Genesis! As i'm sure you're aware at the moment, the site feels rather empty, and while we are working on that at the very moment, by getting the guidelines completed, and filling out the roleplay sections of the forum. In the mean time, We at the Genesis Staff Team encourage you to join our discord and chat with everyone else awaiting the official launch of the the site. However, it might be in your interest to stay around as now's a great time to be involved as over the course of the next few weeks while we get the basics of the site up and running, we'll be posting polls so you can have your say in how you believe the site should work and function. Additionally, we may hold a few contests and things of like to give people things to do while they await the guidelines being completely. Furthermore, it's likely we may hand out bonuses for the first characters of those who hang around during the site's creation.

Like I said, we're running polls to get your input in the direction of the site, and the first one is now!

Do you think entering into a hero school should be automatic thing you gain on character creation, or would you rather see entrance exams take place in order to get into your favorite schools.

Bonuses of Automatic Entry: You get in the school you like guaranteed and instantly. Provisional-Licenses
Drawbacks: Schools will be less likely to hold events, and they'll feel less personalized. Additionally, we may run into the problem of everyone joining one school, particularly U.A

Bonuses of Exams: Schools will feel challenged and rewarding to get into, plus it gives you a little bit of time build up your character before going into school. Schools are more likely to hold events for their classes, and you're likely to get a more personalized/interactive experience in the school.
Drawbacks: Exams are only going to be held once every so often (Current thoughts are 3 Months IRL time). Activity may get you removed from your class, and there's a chance you don't get into your desired school. Provisional-Licenses will need to be earned, making it harder to earn reputation in the early stages of your character. Additionally, this puts additional work on the Story-Team, and we may need to shift a few things around in order to accommodate.
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