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Emiko [WIP] Empty Emiko [WIP]

on Sun Oct 07, 2018 9:38 pm
Emiko [WIP] D4707e10

Emiko [WIP] JXXjbbx
Name: Emiko
Age: 20
Birthday April 13th
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Demisexual
Status: Civilian - No profession
Location: Tokyo
Reputation: 0

Emiko [WIP] 0rsqcnf
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 130 lbs.
Skin Color: Fair/Pale
Eye Color: Blue/Green
Hair Color: Blonde
Mutations: None
General Appearance: Emiko is a girl who’s features retained their youth quite well for her age. She is fairly lithe and at the same time well built, having some definition of muscle where it counts and a frame that matches her height evenly. She has blonde hair that sits quite straight and drops down all the way to her mid-lower back. Her skin is incredibly clean and she carries very soft, lighter blue/green eyes that are hetero-chromatic instead of blended. She can be seen in a variety of clothing but tends to stick to simpler things in darker color patterns most of the time. Emiko could really care less, in the end, about how she’s perceived in appearance by anyone else around her and tends to focus on herself and her own thoughts above all.


Emiko [WIP] Anime-10

Emiko [WIP] Ab377a10
Faceclaim: (OC - Yuu Marubeni)

Emiko [WIP] 8UQCIzb
Personality: Emiko can be summed up into two overlapping and discontinuous pieces of a single person. On the one hand, and the most readily displayed version, she looks as a sweet and younger girl. Full of curiosity about the world and things happening around her but at the same time incredibly shy around other people and full of a paralyzing anxiety when interacting with those people. However, there is the deeper and more crazed side to Emiko and it emerges at seemingly random or uncontrolled moments. It is a sort of acceptance and drive towards that of chaos and disorder, while at the same time becoming part of that psychosis herself. Things that would unsettle a normal person are totally benign to this girl and the soft rage that brews in the back of her mind never fully leaves her presence, that is until it emerges in all of its grandeur and reckless hope to rectify whatever troubles her or forced out that rage. The things that usually set her off are closely related to her past, small things that could even be harmless to others can set her of into a small fit of stress, anger, and rage.
Not that it is any easy task by any regard, once she is into her mood, she can become all but inconsolable at the very nature of it. Having only found one person that can really calm her down in the rage of the moment and keep her from incinerating everything that she can lay her eyes on. Even wanting to wipe whatever has bothered her away and out of her mind, she is not one to shy away from the horror of things or fear her actions or anyone else’s, but instead faces it head on with a tenacity of insanity to rival or shadow its own. Often times she can even approach the more mundane aspects and the aftermath in an innocent and curious manner like a child, having lost some of that innocence in a pure sense, replacing it with the calming presence of Yoren. Still, a side that is not obvious by her general self, or one that would fit the appearance of the soft and innocent looking woman that Emiko had become.
Ambitions: Emiko’s ambition is simple, really, to find some purpose of her own and exist within her own bounds of the world. She is driven in companionship and to hold onto that bond as a sort of calming power in the day to day of life to help her through things rationally. Otherwise, Emiko is very self-serving and selfish in that regard, wanting to just simply do the things that she desires and see the world and its experiences on her own terms. Things like revenge and desire are often too fickle of concepts and vices for Emiko to care about, though, companionship in its own nature is similar, it is the only thing she has found to latch onto and care about at any deeper level. Companionship a thing that has too often slipped away from Emiko’s grasp outside the voice on the other side of the wall, as it is the only thing that kept her mind intact, if only partially, it is a desire to have that foundation and at the same time, protect it in her own. If she can, however she can.
(Dis)Interests: Emiko disinterests are focused, revolving heavily around her past and the transgressions that she had faced in her upbringing. Simple things can irk her like busy streets and being stuck in the crowd as a simple example or something far heavier like loneliness, true loneliness as a horrible feeling that drives at her very soul.
Fear(s): Emiko's fears also revolve heavily around her past but stack on the feeling of true loneliness as well. Companionship is a driving for her so to be lost and alone is something that haunts her nightmares as often as she has them, sometimes nightly and sometimes with long breaks between. The fear of falling back into the situations of her past and restricting her also haunt her memory, bringing her between the lines of morality to fight against them in any form that they might come.

Emiko [WIP] 7ucJHTx
Total Trait Points: 5
Trait Points Used:

Emiko [WIP] 9REckll
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Emiko [WIP] ThP5t5z
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