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Nishiyama, Shin [WIP] Empty Nishiyama, Shin [WIP]

on Sat Oct 06, 2018 7:11 pm
Nishiyama, Shin [WIP] Persona-5-Protagonist-Phone-720x340
Nishiyama, Shin [WIP] JXXjbbx
Name: Nishiyama, Shin
Age: 18
Birthday January 13
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Demisexual
Status: Student – Hero – Heisotsu High
Location: Sendai
Reputation: 0

Nishiyama, Shin [WIP] 0rsqcnf
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 163 lbs
Skin Color: Pale
Eye Color: Dark Gray/Amber
Hair Color: Black
Mutations: Shin’s eyes are dark grey during the day; however once the sun sets, his eyes change to amber.
General Appearance: Shin stands at a decent height of six feet tall, with an amount of weight that makes him appear lean and agile. More often than not, not many are able to fully assess his frame during the day due to the nature of his quirk and how he avoids the minor inconvenience called the sun. His skin is pale due to his skin not seeing the light of day more often than not. Usually clad in a bulk of clothes covering every inch of his skin; glasses, gloves, jackets with hoods, and scarves included, Shin does what he can to avoid the sun which irritates him to no end.

During the twilight hours, Shin escapes the confines of a multitude of clothes, and opts for simple clothes, such as jeans, shirts and blazers. A pair of non-prescription glasses is often paired with his clothes during the night for no other reason than Shin having been used to wearing glasses during the day that he opts for some form of consistency at night.

Nishiyama, Shin [WIP] 480px-Ren_Amamiya_Joker_NPC
Faceclaim: Protagonist – Persona 5

Nishiyama, Shin [WIP] 8UQCIzb
Personality: When one is to describe Shin, it’s simple, it depends on the time of day.

During daylight hours, when he’s often clad in layers of clothing covering every inch of his body, Shin is recluse. Most would often find it difficult to get more than a sentence out of him; any response received would be a mumble sentence regardless. Often Shin seeks to be away from people during this time, just wishing that time would pass by faster so he would not have to deal with the ineptitude of the entity known as the sun.

However, once the sunsets and Shin no longer needs to worry about the sun, is when a person can get varying degrees of responses from him, albeit perhaps not the most useful responses that one would want. During the night is when the real Shin is out, so to speak. Full of dry humour, sarcasm and bluntness, Shin is often prone into getting into trouble with the few friends he keeps – really it’s only one.
Ambitions: While being a hero is an ambition of Shin’s to a degree, it is not his forefront aim in life. To become a hero, for Shin, there lays an underlying meaning – of protecting those you care about the most. For him that circle is small, existing of his close family and friends (the few he has). His goal to become a hero for the sake of being a hero is non-existent. Instead it’s to actually be able to protect, those he cares about, even if they aren’t the ones in the direct line of fire from villains.
(Dis)Interests: Any time from when the sun rises until the sunset is instantaneously a time where Shin rejects any form of plan unless it’s forcibly thrust upon him; like having to attend school. During the day, Shin often would seek out a dark corner where the sun won’t bother him, finding a sense of minor joy from defeating his sworn enemy. He enjoys having his nose in a good book, mostly non-fiction, but will make an exception for a fictional book every now and again. Any food that consists of garlic, or person that smells of it, is instantly going to be avoided by Shin, no matter who or where they are.
Fear(s): The fear of abandonment and loneliness exist for Shin and appear in his life to a certain degree on a daily basis; though often times it is his own doing that this happens. Whenever people make plans to hang out in the day, Shin is instant to reject joining and sulking away elsewhere – especially if those plans consist of enjoying the sun. Once that happens, Shin feels like he can’t belong, that he’s only actually only useful for half the day – most of which is spent sleeping by everyone.

Nishiyama, Shin [WIP] 7ucJHTx
Total Trait Points: (Everyone Begins with 5)
Trait Points Used:

(list your traits here)

Nishiyama, Shin [WIP] 9REckll
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Drawbacks: (Describe the drawbacks and weak points of your quirk, with your traits applied.)
Limit Break: (Describe what happens when you go over your limit pool, traits included)

Nishiyama, Shin [WIP] ThP5t5z
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