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General Rules Empty General Rules

on Wed Oct 03, 2018 8:50 pm
General Rules 1Zb3Wed
General Rules 47FWJ8V
Welcome to Genesis! We are happy to have you here and we look forward to the many exciting stories you’ll tell. There are some rules that we have here on Genesis; it is expected that all members know and follow these. Above all, it's important to note that staff on Genesis as well as your fellow roleplayers are here to have a good time and enjoy their RP freely and under their own terms. This makes our most critical and most important rule on the site simple: Respect. For the staff members you interact with, for your fellow roleplayers, and most importantly for yourself while on the site. We aren't here to control anyone's actions or ruin anyone's fun but when a line is crossed in really any form, staff will act on it directly and ignorance to the rules or holding a minimum amount of respect and reason on the site won't be tolerated.

General Rules Xnr4NRN
On Genesis, your Account Name (what you use to log in), must be the same as your Character Name. This must be at least your character’s first name, but may also include your character's last name - no nicknames, please. Also, all names must be respectful and void of any profanity, vulgarity and any other prohibited content. If you made an account before you picked a character name, don’t worry! You can request to have your account name changed in the Admin Request Thread.

General Rules JSh68AU
We value each and every member here, so it’s important to us that people feel comfortable and welcome, both IC and OOC. We expect that respect and consideration will be at the forefront of all community interactions - we’re here to create amazing plots together after all! As far as using profane language is concerned, please keep swearing to a minimum. While we’re not here to censor everything you say - we want to encourage a chill and respectful atmosphere for everyone.

General Rules Z2Cy6nv
All forms of discrimination, harassment, and other forms of intolerance on the basis of race, gender, sex, nationality, sexual preference, religion etc. are strictly prohibited. This cannot be stressed enough. Any reports of this type of behavior are taken extremely seriously and will be dealt with expediently and as staff sees fit. We understand that sometimes it is stressful to report on behavior of this nature, which is why we invite reports via PM/DM. If there is something that makes you uncomfortable please feel free to approach any member of staff, and we will help you as soon as humanly possible.

General Rules XfasoiO
We have several members who have happily volunteered their time to help make Genesis a great place for everyone. These are the people responsible for modding your stories, quirks, characters etc. as well as helping the site run and expand. Please be respectful of staff members - if they’re asking you to change something, or stop what you’re doing, please listen. However, staff are merely human and if you find that they're acting inappropriately, disagree with a certain modding, or any other set of complaints that can't be worked out with the staff member then message the next highest moderator in the hierarchy (up to the administrators).

Please don't be afraid to, it's our job as staff to work for the members and while we are strict about following the rules, we also hold ourselves to a much higher standard as well. There will always be someone to talk to about site issues if need be and want to work tirelessly to make Genesis an open and accepting community for everyone to RP on and enjoy themselves.

General Rules RFEfSFJ
When writing with other people it’s important that everyone has a good experience. Please keep posts at least a paragraph long, to help improve and keep the story going. We don't have hard word count restrictions or requirements for threads but in order to facilitate proper roleplaying and a conducive experience for everyone involved, it's courteous to offer as much detail as possible and try not to get too sidetracked with that.

Further beyond this though, combat threads and PvP are a thing. It's inevitable and while staff aren't here to rain on anyone's parade there are several standards that we uphold to keep a friendly and non-hostile environment on the site. Firstly, the use of metaphor or analogy as a means for action is strictly prohibited as a means for combating an opponent. You of course are free to use metaphors but the intentions of your actions in-character (IC) must be explicit within that metaphor otherwise they can/will be ignored by your opponents and battle moderators as essentially nonsense. Of course this applies even further and staff asks that you always use reason and think about whether or not your character is actually capable of doing an action before writing it out. If there's a problem with a thread involving combat there are Battle Moderators freely at hand to help out and moderate combat as it's needed where it pops up. You may also seek out admins to further dispute it but at the end of the day, their word is final on the subject and respect to and from all participants is expected at all times.

General Rules NrFavlj
There is a certain amount of gore and violence to be expected on a forum whose setting involves combat. That being said please keep threads PG-13 - if there is anything containing excessive violence or of graphic nature please tag the thread [NSFW]. Any thread content of a sexual nature should “fade to black” or be taken to private messages, not posted on the site under any circumstances. This does not block romance out as an option on the site and can be very important to character development, this only applies to those things of an explicit sexual nature. If you have to ask whether a particular action is considered crossing the line or not, it's best to avoid it entirely and take it to PM's.

General Rules R6bkVZn
You are allowed to have one [1] restricted feature per account, these are identified by a bracketed "R" beside the name of the feature. This includes Quirks, Traits, and Items - although this is also up to Admin discretion. In order to obtain a restricted item, you must first have had an active account on Genesis for three [3] months and completed five [5] threads in which you received a reward.

Anything on site can be restricted and several things already are, including some canon quirks, various traits, and especially powerful items. Even things that are approved for general use but found to be too powerful may either be nerfed to match site standards or labeled as restricted through revamp retroactively. It's always better not to push site boundaries into dangerous territories for this reason as it won't be a way to earn free restricted materials.
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