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Item Guidelines Empty Item Guidelines

on Sun Sep 23, 2018 3:36 am
Item Guidelines 5NlRqAn
Item Guidelines TcNwLOH
More than just a quirk makes a great hero or Villian. Their costume, items that enhance their quirk, or give them different utilities, or even the weapons and devices they use in combat. These are all essential parts of a hero and their core identity. It's these things and more that full under the basic premise of the Item Guidelines. Though many items, support items and weapons to be specific are generally limited by the laws of land, and while the laws governing such things are specifically laid out here you can find more details about them over in the [url=URL HERE]Laws and Licensing Guidelines[/url].

The item guidelines cover the basic premises of the creation and purchasing of both player made, general use, and illegal items. All of which will be handled in the Item Registry Section. Additionally when you are ready to have something specifically modded, either for purchase or for creation, you'll need to put it in the Technical Team Modding Requests.

Item Guidelines A2CS8DY
Before you can go about creating or even buying items you need to know about how these items are classified. The three main fields of categorization are Legality, Size, and Rank.

The first of these is legality. There are 5 tiers of legality, at least as far as items are concerned. However keep in mind these are simplified explainations and more information about the specifics of legalities can be found in the [url=URL HERE]Laws and Licensing Guidelines[/url].
Legal Tiers:
Tier-0 refers to items perfectly legal to the public. This ranges from everything to clothes, toys, games, foods, just about anything people can freely buy and consume.

Tier-1 Items are items which while the public can purchase, using them in public spaces is likely going to cause problems. This generally apply to tools, and things like kitchen or pocket knives. However this also applies to basic hero costumes. Basic business licenses, or provisional licenses is all that's needed for free use of this tier.

Tier-2 items are what are known as support items. These are items which directly interact with and enhance the users quirk, or pose the potential to severely injure and even maybe kill an individual with improper use or in the wrong hands. These items generally require legal restrictions in order to not be classified as tier-3 items, and must be made by a licensed support item maker, as well as generally require heroic or provisional licenses to make use of.

Tier-3 items are items that are flat out illegal, and anyone with very few exceptions even caught with possession of these items is likely to face several legal repercussions, as well as an increase in their bounty and villainous reputation. These items main purpose is to main or kill, and even their creation is generally considered an illegal act in it of its self. This category refers to things like Firearms, or Swords and other weapons.

Tier-4 items are a step-beyond that, and are considered kill on site by heroes and police if you are in possession of one such item. These are generally weapons capable of mass destruction and chaos. Things like rocket launchers on the smaller end, but missiles on the higher end of things.

Next on this list is Size. Like Legality there is tiers to size, though they go from 0 to 6 instead of 0 to 4. While size directly refers how large something is, if an object is heavier than a object of comparable size it's likely that it may receive a +1 to it's size category. Likewise a very light object may receive -1 to it's size category.
Size Categories:
Size-0: These are objects of which you can fit into the palm of your hand, like a cellphone or a baseball

Size-1: Objects a bit larger than that, ranging from something say comparable to a bowling ball, up to the size of a small chair. Clothing generally falls into this category including Hero Costumes.

Size-2: Human sized. This is the size of the average person. This also include things like vending machines as well as some larger furniture. D-rank is required to lift this, C-rank strength can do so with ease.

Size-3: Larger than human sized. This includes things like large desks, couches, and tables as well as most bolders. C-rank is required to lift this, B-rank strength can do so with ease.

Size-4 is vehicle sized. This is most cars, larger end boulders, and street lamps. B-rank is required to lift this, A-rank strength can do so with ease.

Size-5 is Bus sized. As stated this size refers to things like buses, or large truck. Most things beyond buildings are size 5 or below. A-rank is required to lift this, S-rank strength can do so with ease.

Size-6 Building sized. This goes for everything from 1 story building to even as high up as the Eiffel tower. Anything beyond Size-5 goes into this category.

Finally there's Rank. Rank determines what an item is capable of, and generally speaking the higher rank item the better it is. Ranking follows the usual ranking system the rest of the site follows in the it goes E-SS. With E-rank items being the worst and SS-rank being legendary equipment.
E-rank: Simple items with very limited mechanic function.

D-rank: Basic items with some mechanical functionality..Minimum rank required for Legality-2 items. Capable of doing 0.5 inch deep cuts, minor bruising, minor 1st degree tissue damage

C-rank: items with a decent amount of mechanical complexity. Minimum rank for Legality-3 and Size-2 items. Capable of doing 1 inch deep cuts, major external bruising, minor 2nd degree damage, bone fractures

B-rank: Mechanically complex items. Minimum rank for Size-3 items. Capable of 2 inch deep cuts, major internal bruising, minor 3rd degree burns, bone breakage.

A-rank: Technologically advanced works, Minimum rank for Size-4 items. Capable of doing 3 inch deep cuts, major organ failure, minor 4th degree burns, shattering of bones.

S-rank: Minimum rank required for Legality-4, and size 5 items. Capable of burning someone to ashes, cutting cleanly through, or crushing them to dust.

SS-rank: exclusively limited to legendary items.

Now, there are also 3 distinct types of items. Standard items, which are items you can purchase from shops and stores, and are generally available to anyone. These are generally Legality-0 and Legality-1 items. For most of these items it's okay to use in a free form manner, and simply say you have access to them. examples being cellphones or say a car to drive places. However reasonable restrictions will need to be applied to them, and deference will be given to actual quirks and items that exist automatically. Additionally if used in this free form manner they won't have any unique abilities and when it comes to combat you might simply be told you cannot use them. Of course you can simply purchase these items and then their abilities and functions are going to be less in question. Normal items will have their damage values restricted.

The second of these types are Support items. Like listed above these items can directly interact with a user's quirk and won't have their damage values restricted at all. These items however, unless given as a free reward, must be made by another player. The process for doing such will be detailed out later in the guidelines.

Finally, there is Legendary items. These are items which must be made by players  using legendary materials or granted as special rewards from staff and are capable of having quirk like effects attached to them in addition to whatever else they do.

Item Guidelines PaVPJy1
Before we can go over how to create items, Materials need to be discussed. Materials, or MATS as they're more commonly referred too are just as they sound. They are the materials needed to craft items, and while exactly how many MATS you'll need to create an item is detailed below, We can discuss what you'll need to get MATS.

MATS can be gathered in one of two ways. The first of which is buying them. You can only buy MATS during an Item Creation thread, and only when you are creating an item legally. During your initial post in an Item Creation thread you should detail at the top of post how many materials you're using to create the item, and how many of those materials you're buying. When a mod grades your thread they'll subtract the cash directly from your account for how many material you bought. Materials are purchased at a rate of $150 per material.

Additionally materials can be gathered in a resource gathering thread. These threads can be about anything you can think of to gather resources, whether that be rummaging around in a scrap yard for spare metals, or going to a store and buying trinkets and metals you can melt do to turn into new things, or simply gathering the ore or wood yourself any of these work! The main thing you need to keep in mind is that end of every post with 500 or more words you roll using the "Material Dice" This dice will tell you how many materials you get, if you get any at all. This is the only way to gain Legendary Materials. You gain all of the materials you gathered when a mod grades your thread. Gathering threads need to include "Gathering" in their tags. Be warned however that gathering treads earn you reduced XP.

Finally, MATS can be either traded to another player for whatever you deem a worthy trade, or alternatively,  sold to the government at the end of a gathering thread for $100 per MAT.

Item Guidelines CgOzeec
Now that we've discussed what materials are, how to obtain them, and how to categorize items, we can finally discuss how you can go about creating and obtaining your items.

There is a distinct difference between how Standard Items are created, and Support/Legendary items are created. Unless of course you were given a free support/legendary item, in which case they are made similarly to how Standard Items are made.

To begin making a Standard Item, or a Support Item of which you are receiving for free, copy the "Standard Item Template" listen at the bottom of the post. Then create a topic in the Item Registry Section and fill out the template within it. Once you are finished post the thread within the Technical Team Modding Requests and it will be modding shortly there after. Once your item is ready for approval it will be given a price following the price guide listed below if it is a standard item. Additionally standard items can be sold for 60% of their original value.
Price Guide:
E-rank: $500-$750
D-rank: $750-$1250
C-rank: $1250-$2000
B-rank: $2000-$3500
A-rank: $3500-$5000
S-rank: $5000+

Unlike Standard Items, Support Items and Legendary Items have to be player crafted. The process for doing this however, starts out similarly to the process for creating Standard items. To begin this process copy the "Crafted Item Template" down at the bottom at the post. Then create a topic in the Item Registry Section and fill out the template within it. Once you are finished post the thread within the Technical Team Modding Requests and it will be modding shortly there after. Once a mod has looked it over and approved it you can begin crafting it. To craft the item you must create a thread with the tag [Creation]. In this thread you will need to write 250 for each Material used in the creation of the item, and 1000 words for each Legendary Material in addition to describing the process used to create the item. Be warned that threads tagged with the [Creation] tag receive reduced XP rates. Multiple items can be crafted in a thread as long as the word count requirements are met. Once you've completed your creation thread with the proper amount of word count you may post in the Story Team Modding Requests and once the thread is graded and approved you can add the item into your Item Shop or Locker.
Crafting Requirements:
Legendary MATs are only for the creation of legendary items and are in addition to the normal requirements.

E-rank: 1 MAT - 1 Legendary MAT
D-rank: 3 MATs - 1 Legendary MAT
C-rank: 5 MATs - 2 Legendary MATs
B-rank: 10 MATs - 3 Legendary MATs
A-rank: 15 MATs - 4 Legendary MATs
S-rank: 25 MATs - 5 Legendary MATs
SS-rank: 35 MATs - 5 Legendary MATs

Items can always be deconstructed for half of material components used in their creation. Each legendary materials is converted to 2 regular materials in this process.

Item Guidelines SvADKoF
Now there are certain restrictions and limitations on what items can do. For instance only Two non-costume items may be brought into a thread. This rule however can be circumvented by bringing items in containers like holsters, pouches, or bags which can allow you to carry more items into a thread. The other limitation that hinders items a bit more is the fact that they can be destroyed.

Generally speaking items can be entered a damaged state by either taking the full brunt of a technique of 1 rank higher,  or an item hit of 2 ranks. Once an item is in a damaged state certain mechanical functions may stop working, though this depends on the type of attack and where it hit, additionally another hit from a technique of equal rank or higher, or an item of one rank greater or higher, will be enough to completely destroy the item. This means that any further use of the item becomes freeform, and most if not all of the items mechanical function and special abilities no longer work.

Items that are destroyed will automatically be repaired at the end of a thread. However negative traits, of which the rules for can be found in the [url=Link Here]Thread Guidelines[/url], may be applied to allow for an item to be damaged or broken a crossed multiple threads.

Item Guidelines LYTiT1P
Costumes, Suits and things within a similar a vein are all items in their own category and operate completely different than most other items. This is because they generally serve as a combination of multiple items in the form of enhancements instead of one item on their own.

Costumes at minimum must be of D-rank quality or higher. The base costume functions as a simple item of it's rank that doesn't really provide any benefits. Where costumes become really useful is Enhancements.  Costumes can hold a different amount of Enhancements based on rank of the costume. Enhancements however are limited to being equal to or less than the rank of the Costume. Costumes can hold the following number of Enhancements.

  • D-rank: 1
  • C-rank: 2
  • B-rank: 3
  • A-rank: 4
  • S-rank: 5
  • SS-rank: 6

Legendary Costumes are required for a costume to posses Legendary Enhancements.

Costumes are crafted by the same means that support items are crafted, and double the normal material counts for items of their rank. This includes legendary components, and they must be player crafted. Additionally costumes can be upgraded by taking the materials required for the next rank applying them in an item creation thread, however the upgraded costume must first be approved.

Enhancements serve as the tools and functions for a costume. They can range from things like reinforced plating, to a costume fiber which turns invisible when you do, or special boots that increase the impacts of your kicks. They are directly where a costume gets it power from, while the costume its self just serves to merely string all these items together i a usually fashionable design. Enhancements can be made either at a costumes creation or at any time after via player crafting using the "Enhancement Template" listed below. Enhancements require half of the total material require of an item of equal rank, and are considered support items at the very least.

If your costume is legally owned and created by a licenses Support Item Creator, and it is ever stolen or destroyed you can have it replaced by paying $250 times the materials used in both the Costume and it's Enhancements. Legendary materials are worth $750 in this instance.

Item Guidelines PgX8VWi
Now that you know how to obtain all sorts of items, you'll need to keep track of them. This for the most part is fairly simple, but is divided into two parts. The Item shop, which is used by players who seek to craft items and sell them to other players. And the Item Locker, which is where one stores all of their items that their specific character possess.

The Item Locker is something most players will make use of, and if you have created one it is required that you keep a link in your signature, simply so other members and staff have easy access to it and don't need to search through the potentially several pages of item lockers just to find a simple item you may be using in a thread. To create an Item locker, simply navigate to the Information Database Section and create a topic in the Item Locker Sub-Section with your name in the in title like so "Lastname, Firstname [Item Locker]" or any variant of such which clearly conveys similar information. You are then free to organize and structure your Item locker however you see fit. However please link where your items were both bought and approved for use in a place where staff and other members can easily see it in relation to the item. Please keep in mind if you wish to use an item within a thread, that is not a freeform item, it is required to be within your item locker and approved before you may do so.

Item Shops on the other hand are something that only a handful of players will make use of. Much like item lockers however, you are given free reign to customize your shop however you see fit, so long as you follow a few simple rules. First any item put up in the shop must be player-created, although not necessarily by yourself. Additionally, the approval of such items must be linked somewhere within the thread. Additionally the name of the PC the shop keep must be listed in brackets next to the shop's name. like so "Shop's Name [Lastname, Firstname]" or of some similar variation.

Item Guidelines GVuJPp0
Finally, the last bit of information to share is the Black Market.

The Black market is a monthly event which gives players of maybe a bit more ill-gotten gains, a place to spend their "hard" earned cash, and access to things that most Law-abiding citizen wouldn't have access too. At the beginning of every month, A post will be made within a random location in the world. If you wish to access the black market, you'll need to travel to such location.

The Black market will hang around for 2 weeks before disappearing until the next month. While the Black Market is open, you can do two things within it. First, you may purchase pre-made items from the shop that'll come with the black market. However be quick as some of these items will have a limit quantity and the Black Market is first come, first serve. Additionally, you may request specific items. This is done by first applying for the item like you would a Standard Item, and then posting a request within the black market. When the next month comes around, your item will be reserved for you to purchase. If you don't purchase item that month, during the next Black Market Event, it'll be sold to the highest bidder.

Standard Item Template:

[b]Name:[/b] (Name of the Item)
[b]Rank:[/b] (List Rank of Item)
[b]Legality:[/b] (List the Legal Status of the Item)
[b]Size:[/b] (List the Size Category of the item)
[b]Appearance[/b] (describe not only what your item looks like, but it's dimensions and weight)
[b]Description:[/b] (describe the functions of your item)

[b]History:[/b] (Optional part of the creation, but it's nice if you give a little story as to how you obtained the item)
Crafted Item Template:

[b]Name:[/b] (Name of the Item)
[b]Rank:[/b] (List Rank of Item)
[b]Materials:[/b] (List the materials Required)
[b]Legality:[/b] (List the Legal Status of the Item)
[b]Size:[/b] (List the Size Category of the item)
[b]Appearance[/b] (describe not only what your item looks like, but it's dimensions and weight)
[b]Description:[/b] (describe the functions of your item)

[b]History:[/b] (Describe how the item was created, and if the item wasn't a freebie, link the thread it was created it)
[b]Creator:[/b] (link the character sheet of the person who created this item. ignore if item is Freebie.)
Costume Template:

[b]Name:[/b] (Name of the Item)
[b]Rank:[/b] (List Rank of Item)
[b]Materials:[/b] (List the materials Required)
[b]Size:[/b] (Normally 2, however may change depending on character size)
[b]Appearance[/b] (describe what your costume looks like.)
[b]History:[/b] (Describe how the item was created, and if the item wasn't a freebie, link the thread it was created it)
[b]Creator:[/b] (link the character sheet of the person who created this item. ignore if item is Freebie.)

(Put your enhancements in here)
Enhancements Template:

[b]Name:[/b] (Name of the Item)
[b]Rank:[/b] (List Rank of Item)
[b]Materials:[/b] (List the materials Required)
[b]Legality:[/b] (List the Legal Status of the Item)
[b]Description:[/b] (describe the functions of your Enhancement, and it's appearance if applicable.)

[b]History:[/b] (Describe how the item was created, and if the item wasn't a freebie, link the thread it was created it)
[b]Creator:[/b] (link the character sheet of the person who created this item. ignore if item is Freebie.)
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