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Alduin Tatsuya (WIP) Empty Alduin Tatsuya (WIP)

on Thu Aug 09, 2018 9:11 pm
Alduin Tatsuya (WIP) Z6kF79q
Alduin Tatsuya (WIP) JXXjbbx
Name: Tatsuya, Alduin
Age: 23
Birthday April, 7th
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual
Status: Villain
Reputation: 15 Villianous Reputation, and 15 bounty.

Alduin Tatsuya (WIP) 0rsqcnf
Height: 8'5"
Weight: 230lbs
Skin Color: Green scales
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair Color: N/A
Mutations: A dragon head(Cosmetic), scales(Cosmetic), Claws(TP), Tail(Cosmetic)
General Appearance: (Describe your character's normal look. This should include things like body type, scars they may have, clothes they tend to wear, ect.)

Alduin Tatsuya (WIP) WOwyKzk
Faceclaim: Drakon - Magi

Alduin Tatsuya (WIP) 8UQCIzb
Personality: Alduin is a cold-hearted individual who gets off on destroying whatever is in his way. He hates heroes with a passion and wants nothing more than to kill each and every one of them. He believes that society is wrong and that everyone was better off in the wild when they did whatever they wanted. Along with this, he loves anarchy and carnage, finding that when things are in chaos he has the most fun. Despite this, if he finds someone that interests him, rather than kill them, he will just injure them and get them to want to grow stronger and fight him later on.
Ambitions: Alduin's goal in life is to destroy society and wipe the hero association off the map and out of the history books. He wants to crush everyone's will to become a hero and make everyone revert to their primal instincts.
(dis)Interests: Some of Alduin's hobbies include things like the violin, gaming, and hunting. He is interested in people with strong potential and loves to watch them grow and be corrupted by the wrongs in life. He hates heroes and the hero system wanting nothing more than to watch it fall.
fear(s): Alduin is terrified of death and tries to do whatever he can to avoid it. He is also scared of losing his power believing that without power he will die or shrivel up and disappear.

Alduin Tatsuya (WIP) 7ucJHTx
Total Trait Points: 5
Trait Points Used: 4

Name: Claws
Trait Points: 3 TP
Description: Alduin has claws on his hands and feet allowing him to do slashing damage with unarmed melee attacks equal to his strength.
Name: Size
Trait Points: 1 TP
Description: Alduin is much larger than most and as such has increased strength. This functions as a passive +1 to Alduin's strength stat as well as allowing Alduin to reach a little over 8 feet in height.

Alduin Tatsuya (WIP) 9REckll
Name: Dark Shadow
Proof Of Roll: https://mhagenesis.forumotion.com/t26-dark-shadow?nid=1#35
Description: The user gains a shadowy monster like being in their body which they may materialize and de-materialize at will. When the user lets the shadow come out of their body it will remain attached to the user. The shadow is not affected by gravity and as such is able to essentially fly through the air, but while the shadow may fly this does not allow the user to fly as well. The shadow creature is much stronger and harder to control in darkness while when it's in the light it is easier to control but weaker. Along with this, the shadow has a mind of its own making it sentient and has its own personality. While in complete darkness all techniques clash at a rank higher, but techniques require a rank higher control rank to control than normal.
Drawbacks: While Dark Shadow is out it cost 5 limits per post as it is still taxing on the body. Along with this, if the shadow is in darkness the shadow can take over control if the user's control is under A rank. If the shadow takes over control the user will find that the shadow will become aggressive attacking any nearby objects. Dark Shadow has a weakness to light-based attacks, causing light based attacks to receive a +1 to dark shadow techniques, and lowering it's damage by 1 rank while fighting against light based quirks. Along with this Dark Shadow has a durability, the shadow is capable of taking three equal rank techniques before returning into the user's body for two posts.
Limit Break: When the user goes over their limit they will lose the ability to produce the shadow for two turns, it returns to their body, and the user finds they are much weaker being unable to move as fast until they manage to rest and regain their stamina(-1 to speed for 2 turns). Along with this, if the user -5's in a dark area, Dark Shadow's sentience, and bloodlust will take complete control and for the next 3 posts, or until it comes into contact with a light source of 2 ranks or lower than the user's control, it will attack anyone it sees and cannot be unmanifested by the user.

Alduin Tatsuya (WIP) ThP5t5z
Hometown: Kyoto
History: (Describe your backstory; Must be at least 200 words)
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