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Stat Guidelines Empty Stat Guidelines

on Tue Aug 07, 2018 9:29 pm
Stat Guidelines BAW4SM4
Stat Guidelines YLUahnG
Even before the time of Quirks the human body was capable of doing incredible things. Olympians were constantly breaking records set by their predecessors, and while through the usage of a variety of Quirks each of those records has been shattered, the point still remains that the human body is capable of doing wondrous things even to this day. And while all of the records of the past have been broken, this was done to by very specific Quirks designed to break each record in question. For instance all of the swimming records were quickly broken with people who developed fins and other fish like features to help them better move through the water. Because these Quirks only applied to those niche instances and not to the broader sense of what the human body was capable of achieving, the body is still vitally important to train for those seeking to be top Heroes or Villains. Especially those whose Quirks don't enhance their physical capabilities in the slightest but still want to be the best hero or villain the can be

It is for this reason that the stat system for Genesis was developed as a way for you to improve your character beyond just improving your Quirk. Training stats should be done via creating a "Stats" page in the Training Section which lists all your current stats, any stat bonuses from sources like your Traits or your Quirk, how many stat points you have allocated, how close you are to your next control rank, and finally how much each stat point currently costs you. But, more about stat points, control ranks, and actually training your stats later.

Stat Guidelines IdDnv0p
Before we can get into how to train your stats we should probably go over what stats you have and how they work. Genesis has four stats. Those being Strength, Speed, Stamina, and Control. Stats are done on a ranked based system, going from E-Rank, to D-Rank, to C-Rank, to B-Rank, to A-Rank, to S-Rank, to SS-Rank. Strength, Speed, and Stamina are further classified into tiers going from Tier-0 to Tier-5. With Tier 0 being the lowest and Tier 5 being the highest. Additionally when you change a stats value by a +1 or -2 or something similar, those increase it's tiers, and when a stat goes above Tier-5 or below Tier-0 it increases or decreases in rank respectively. Control Rank is different than the other stats and will get it's own section later on. Strength, Speed, and Stamina can go no higher than B-5 without the assistance of quirks.

Strength is as it sounds, the ability to lift objects and hit hard. As you increase your strength much like you'd expect, you can lift heavier objects and hit things harder.
Strength by Rank:
E-Rank: This is your average every day person. Nothing special. Can lift things like dishes and lighter objects without much effort, but can't do anything really extraordinary.
D-Rank: Comparable to that of a High School athlete, or someone who frequents the gym. You can start to lift things like small tires without really worrying about it, and your punches definitely hurt a bit more.
C-Rank: You're at the level of a professional athlete, capable of lifting moderate sized furniture with little to no effort and you also find it easy to indent walls or snap most normal things in your grip.
B-Rank: You've reached the level of an Olympic lifter. Basic punches hurt like hell, and you easily lift large furniture, and can probably lift a small car given a lot of effort.
A-Rank: You've reached the level of super human. You can lift things like a dryer with little effort, and you can break bricks like they were toothpicks. At this rank you can start to create noticeable drafts of air with your punches and kicks alone.
S-Rank: You've gone beyond super human level. You lift a car with a moderate amount of effort, or maybe even pick up a whole bus if you really try. Your punches can cause drafts of air strong enough to seriously injure someone and you can easily punch your way through most walls at this rank, assuming they aren't too thick.
SS-Rank: You've reached unimaginable levels of strength. Your punches alone can generate drafts strong enough to punch through some walls, you can lift up a bus with relative ease, and with a significant amount of effort you could probably lift a large plane.

Speed is how fast you can move. However it is more than that, it's also a judgement of how fast you can react to things. With increasing your speed, you increase how fast you can do things, how fast you move, and the general range of things you can react too.
Speed by Rank:
E-Rank: You are comparable to that of an normal person. You can't run very fast and most people are going to notice your actions, plus most things thrown your direction or that come towards you are likely to hit, though you may be able to put up a small defense first.
D-Rank: Comparable to that of High School athlete or someone who frequently runs. You're a bit faster and can outrun the average person, but you're still easy to follow. Can reasonably react to most D-Rank techniques at close range, or B-Rank techniques given enough time.
C-Rank: Of equivalent status to a professional athlete. Can outrun most people, and sly maneuvers that involve speed are becoming easier. Can reasonably react to most C-Rank techniques at close range, or A-Rank techniques given enough time.
B-Rank: Comparable to an Olympic Sprinter. Can outrun anyone who isn't aided by a Quirk, and it is difficult to keep track of your subtle movements. Can reasonably react to most B-Rank techniques at close range, or S-Rank techniques given enough time.
A-Rank: Reaching superhuman or Quirk-aided levels. Your movements are difficult to keep track of, and you can keep up with go-karts or slow moving vehicles with relative ease. Can reasonably react to most A-Rank techniques at close range, and almost anything given enough time.
S-Rank: Pushing beyond even most Quirks. Your movements are starting to become blurs to the untrained eye, and you keep pace with most cars at this speed. Can reasonably react to most techniques at close range, though can still be caught off guard by things that are exceptionally fast, or that they didn't notice.
SS-Rank:  When someone reaches this speed their movements can't be followed by a normal person, and they can move at speeds comparable to that of race cars. Catching them off guard with a single technique is almost impossible and generally takes a coordinated effort, multiple attacks, or an attack which covers a large area to make dodging impossible.

Stamina is a measure of not only your ability to take hits and deal with pain, but also your ability to maintain strenuous activity. As such your limit pool increases by 5 every time you increase a rank in stamina.
Stamina by Rank:
E-Rank: You are comparable to that of an normal person. You can probably jog a mile or so, but it's going to completely drain you, if you even make it all the way. Most pain is going to cause you to flinch and severely hinder movements in the area you experience pain.
D-Rank: Comparable to that of a High School Athlete or someone who frequents the gym. You can definitely run a mile or so, and keep moving, but you're going to be tired. You can take a few light hits before it really starts to hinder your actions, but anything more than that still isn't something you can deal with.
C-Rank: On the level of a Professional Athlete. You can run two miles before you feel the need to slow your pace. You can fight through the pain a few deep bruises, and cuts to unimportant areas, but broken bones, several consecutive hits or blows to the head really slow you down.
B-Rank: Comparable to an Olympic Athlete, or a world known boxer. You can sprint a full kilometer and then run a few more hundred meters before you feel the need to slow down. You can take several hits, being able to fight through most bruises or medium cuts unhindered including hits to the head. Broken bones slow you down, but you can still fight through the pain. Increases the point at which you fall unconscious to -15 Limit Pool.
A-Rank: Reaching superhuman levels, where you can sprint two miles straight before needing a break. Additionally you can fight through a broken bone or two, and maybe a few other hits almost unhindered. It's going to take two or three hits to critical areas to knock you out.
S-Rank: At this stage your endurance is becoming incredible, you can fight through the pain of several broken bones depending on what they are and several deep bruises and cuts. You can sprint for several miles before feeling exhausted, and it takes several blows to critical areas to really take you down. Increases the point at which you fall unconscious to -20 Limit Pool.
SS-Rank: At this stage you're almost impossible to take down, just about the only thing stopping you is death. You can fight through most pain relatively unhindered as long as your body still works (For instance if your tendons are severed you still can't use your arm), and it's going to take a few really hard hits to vital areas before you even slow down. Granted you still have your limits, as you can only run in the several tens of miles before you start to get tired, but it's still far beyond what any normal person could do. Increases the point at which you fall unconscious to -25 Limit Pool.

Stat Guidelines Qxe4fbP
Fighting is an important part of a Hero or Villains job as the two encounter each other within the field. The main function of stats is to help quantify certain attributes about individuals in order to aid in determining who can do what within a fight. Because of this stats are an important part of almost any fight, and addressing how they work in a combat situation is just as important. Thankfully how stats interact with one another is relatively simple.

When people are using the same stat, it generally comes down to who has the higher stats.
At a 1 tier difference, there's not a huge difference but over the course of a few posts the higher will begin to pull ahead.
At a 2 tier difference, It's more noticeable and the higher of the two will start to win out within the first 1-2 posts.
At a 3 tier difference, the higher stat will within the first post beat out the lower one.
At a 4 tier difference, the higher stat will instantly begin to overpower the lower one.
At a 5 tier difference, the higher stat completely outclasses the lower one.

Additionally there exists a combat wheel of sorts. Most often you won’t find two people using the same stats (e.g. Speed vs Speed) to allow a direct clash. If the stats involved in the clash are different then the Triangle applies as follows: Strength > Stamina, Speed > Strength,  Stamina > Speed. What does this mean exactly? In situations where you can make use of the chart above it means that the stat that 'counters' the other one and receives a +3 bonus for the purpose of that clash alone.

Stat Guidelines TetWLmu
Now that we've gone over how your stats work, it's time to discuss how you can improve your stats and where they begin.

For starters, all of your stats begin at E-0. You are however given 9 stat points after your character is approved to assign however you wish.

Stat points are how you increase your stats. They can be earned at a rate of 4 XP per stat point, however the XP cost increases by 4 whenever you increase your control rank, as per the following chart:
D-Rank Control: 4xp
C-Rank Control: 8xp
B-Rank Control: 12xp
A-Rank Control: 16xp
S-Rank Control: 20xp
SS-Rank Control: 24xp

Once you have a stat point you can assign it to any one of your stats and it will increase it by a single tier. Once you reach Tier-5 of something, the next stat point will bring it up to tier-0 of the next rank higher. For example; if you have 4 stat points to spend, and have E-4 speed. You decide to spend all of your stat points in speed, the end result will leave with D-2 speed. This is how you train all of your stats except for control.

As mentioned before, training stats should be done via creating a "Stats" page in the Training Section. The specifications of which are listed above, but to actually train your stats in a separate post in the same thread, you should link the thread in which you which wish to spend XP on stat points. Detail how many stat points you're getting with the XP, and what those stat points are going to, then link it in the Story Team Modding Requests. Once it's approved the staff member will update your stats according to what you improved.
Stat Guidelines 2LLH3D7
As I'm sure you've begun to notice, Your Control Rank is different than any of your other stats. First and foremost it doesn't have tiers, it isn't trained normally, and it doesn't really interact with your other stats either. This is because your control rank is the stat that governs your ability to control your Quirk and how well you can do that. As such your ability to interact with the world and how that improves as your Control Rank does is largely dependent on your Quirk. The rules for Quirks can be found in the Quirk Guidelines.

Training your Control Rank is fairly simple. Every 9 stat points you allocate, not including the 9 you get for free, your control rank automatically increases. This is because your Quirk is an extension of your body, and as your body grows stronger so does your Quirk.
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