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Jōhō Bēsukōdo Empty Jōhō Bēsukōdo

on Wed Jul 25, 2018 3:09 pm
Jōhō Bēsukōdo 150677
Jōhō Bēsukōdo JXXjbbx
Name: Bēsukōdo, Jōhō
Age: 22
Birthday October, 31st
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Asexual
Status: Villain
Location: Shinjuku
Reputation: 15 Villainous

Jōhō Bēsukōdo 0rsqcnf
Height: 5'3
Weight: 104 lbs
Skin Color: Deathly pale
Eye Color: Misty green
Hair Color: Blonde
Mutations: A single mark on the users forehead that has a metallic texture to it.
General Appearance: Jōhō holds an odd appearance for someone that's Japanese, mostly due to being half Finnish on her fathers side. Her eyes are green, and her hair a bright blonde. Her skin is borderline like a ghost, leading to some misunderstandings that she is in fact, dead, much to both her amusement, and annoyance.

Villain Outfit:
Jōhō Bēsukōdo Hotaru
Civilian Outfit:
Jōhō Bēsukōdo Latest?cb=20170924012510
Faceclaim: Hotaru - Natsume's Book Of Friends
Jōhō Bēsukōdo 8UQCIzb
Personality: (Give a general description of what your character's personality is like, how they act, ect)
Ambitions: (What are your character's goals in life? where do they want to go?)
(dis)Interests: (Just a few things your character may like, or Dislike, or even their hobbies. The general things that interest them, or the things they hate.
fear(s): (What is your character scared of?) [You have to have at least one fear, or your application won't be approved]

Jōhō Bēsukōdo 7ucJHTx
Total Trait Points: 5
Trait Points Used:

Jōhō Bēsukōdo 9REckll
Name: Encoded
Proof Of Roll: Claimed here
Description: At it's simplest description, Encoded transforms its users body into digital data and back again, rearranging the atoms into data form. This allows the user to transport themselves between technological devices that use data, ranging anywhere from a calculator to a proper computer. While in the form of data, the user of Encoded can tamper directly with the code, with their ability to mess with data improving with their control over their quirk. If in a device that has a display screen, the user can represent themselves with a digital avatar of themselves. When transforming, the user cannot take any living being with them, and may not bring anything larger than themselves with them, no matter the rank of control. While in code, the user can transmit themselves using connections such as wi-fi, with the speed of transmission depending upon the users rank of control. Every time the user transmits themselves from one device to another uses up 20 limit, while every time the user turns themselves into data, they use 10 limit.
Drawbacks: As digital data, while in data form, the user cannot influence anything outside of the device they're within. If the connection from one device to another is cut off while the user is transporting, the user's body will be forcibly ejected from the device they were originally in, and they will be unable to use their quirk for 24 hours. The user cannot transport anything with a total mass heavier than themselves with them, and must be in contact with what they are taking with them into data. Any digital attacks will also force the user to evacuate the device, and if it would lead to the avatar being deleted, will result in the user being unconscious.
Limit Break: At 5 Limit Points, the users avatar grows glitchy, and all transmission of data reduces in speed and becomes slower by 2 ranks to a minimum of E rank. At 0, all non-clothing items on the users person become forcibly ejected from the device. As with other quirks, at -10, the user falls unconscious.

Jōhō Bēsukōdo ThP5t5z
Hometown: (List the City or Town in which you hail from)
History: (Describe your backstory; Must be at least 200 words)
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